10 ULTRA units for air treatment at the Al-Sabah hospital in Kuwait

As part of our ongoing international projects, Servoclima replaced a number of the air treatment units at Al-Sabah hospital in Kuwait with 10 ULTRA 170 units.

The project required approval from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health so our first step was to travel to the Technical Department of the Ministry of Health to present our range of products. We focused on our star product, which is particularly suited for use in hospital settings: the ULTRA units.


European AHUs certified by EUROVENT

Two key conditions for the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health for the project were that the AHUs were manufactured in Europe and EUROVENT certified.

This certification is granted by an international body and is important for both suppliers and clients as it provides guarantees that equipment in the marketplace works as advertised.


ULTRA units: critical support for hospitals

As well as meeting the conditions above, SERVOCLIMA ULTRA units can be disassembled easily and feature completely smooth interior surfaces for ease of cleaning. These characteristics are why they are frequently used in settings with high hygienic requirements such as cleanrooms, laboratories, and hospitals.


Precision installation

One of the most important elements of the project was the need to build ULTRA units that would fit the space where the previous equipment had been housed so as to make use of the ductwork already in place. Another aspect was improving on the cooling capacity of the previous units given the extreme temperatures in the country.

Servoclima was awarded the project thanks to our experience of more than 30 years in air treatment equipment and AHUs for hospitals. Our expertise enabled us to offer a high-quality product, meet a tight deadline, and adapt the units to the exact specifications of the client.


The first of many air treatment projects in Kuwait

The units came on line in April of this year and the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health was very pleased with our work. We hope that they will consider our services for future hospital projects in the country.


If you would like more information on this please contact us, we would be delighted to answer any queries you may have.