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Servoclima, el mejor servicio posventa ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐

Vídeo: ejemplo servicio posventa en UTAs instaladas y sus componentes. Retrofit con sistema FANWALL EC en sus componenetes Una de nuestras cualidades mejor valoradas por nuestros clientes es nuestro servicio posventa Servoclima cuenta con un servicio de soporte técnico y actuaciones una vez nuestros equipos han salido de fábrica, durante o después de la instalación del climatizador en su localización, que permite a nuestros clientes plantear cualquier tipo de consulta relacionada con las UTAs instaladas y sus componentes: baterías, ventiladores, etapas de filtraje o cualquiera, no solo para revisar y reparar si no incluso para coordinar y ejecutar las acciones necesarias para su sustitución y modernización. O simplemente para solicitar información sobre nuevas posibilidades. ¡No dudes

Servoclima receives an award for 10 years associated with Pimec

Servoclima was awarded a recognition by PIMEC, the small and medium-sized enterprise association of Catalonia, as one of the partners to have been with the trade organisation for more than 10 years. In addition to handing out prizes to a total of 14 companies and institutions across different sectors, Pimec Vallès Oriental used the gathering to promote cross-sector mutual awareness between companies as well as discussing the possibility of creating collaborative opportunities, economic analysis and forecasts for 2019, the issue of digital transformation in business, and the necessary application of the measures in the Catalan National Pact for Industry, amongst many other topics. The business association was represented at the

Al-Sabah hospital air treatment

Servoclima replaced a number of the air treatment units at Al-Sabah hospital in Kuwait with 10 ULTRA 170 units. The project required approval from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, which specified, amongst other things, two key conditions in the project tender: European manufacturing and EUROVENT certification. The ULTRA 170 units that Servoclima installed after winning the tender successfully replaced the previous units and improved the performance and efficiency of the facility.   For more information, please see the project.

Servoclima adopts ABAS ERP software

One of SERVOCLIMA’s main aims in our High Quality Project is the implementation of a new ERP to increase efficiency and streamline interdepartmental workflow, as well as monitoring our Projects’ supply chains from start to finish. These factors led SERVOCLIMA, after an extensive selection process, to choose ABAS ERP software. Their working relationship with the client, long and consolidated experience, and expertise in industrial ERP were the main points that convinced us to choose this new software. This photo taken in Abas’ Barcelona offices shows both Project Directors, Marcos Delgado Barroso from ABAS (left) and Alberto Caro Calzada from SERVOCLIMA (right). We are proud of the continuing training on the

New Air Handling Units (AHUs) for extreme temperatures in Valparaiso (Chile)

Servoclima provided new Air Handling Units for extreme temperatures in the HVAC project at the facilities at Los Bronces, an open-pit mine perched in the Andes at 3,500 metres above sea level. This job involved customised manufacturing, transportation, and on-site installation of two Air Handling Units for extreme temperatures. Servoclima overcame various challenges including engineering compact AHUs capable of withstanding -25 ºC temperatures, transporting them on lorries adapted to difficult access mountain roads, and the installation of the units in a very tight space, requiring centimetre-perfect precision. For more information, please see the project.


SERVOCLIMA CELEBRATES CHRISTMAS WITH TEAM-BUILDING This December, Servolcima celebrated the coming of Christmas and the end of another year with some team-building. And the best way to participate all together is in a Room Escape! An activity that is more and more popular and which enables people to spend time, having fun, with nerves and tension to manage to leave the room in the established time.


A NEW PROJECT MANAGER Last May, Servoclima created a new position of Project Manager, for which Albert Caro was appointed. This is a strategic position that has been created after some years of restraint due to the global state of the sector and the situation of the company. This novelty is the result of a drive to strengthen growth in the company and the intention to bestow it with the necessary resources to meet its goals as a High-End company.


SANT JOAN DE DÉU RENEWED Sant Joan de Déu hospital, one of the most important in Europe for maternal and childcare services, has renewed its appearance and installations. The new image intends to accompany its international expansion and offer coverage to associated sub-brands.


SERVOCLIMA took part in the 1st meeting SUSTAINABILITY & ENERGETIC EFFICIENCY OF THE HEALTH INSTALLATIONS Last June the 29th SERVOCLIMA took part in the 1st meeting “SUSTAINABILITY & ENERGETIC EFFICIENCY OF THE HEALTH INSTALLATIONS” organized jointly by Veolia, with the “Catalan Health Associations “(ACES) and “Catalan Hospitals Association”.